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Thigh Lift In Newport Beach, Orange County, CA

Thigh lift surgery, also known as leg lift surgery, thighplasty, and thigh reduction surgery, is a procedure that targets sagging leg skin and pockets of stubborn fat. Loose skin on your thighs is caused by changes in your weight, as well as lost skin elasticity. A thigh lift removes the excess skin and fat, and it can be combined with liposuction to further smooth out your leg contours.

Is A Thigh Lift Right For Me?

A thigh lift helps with saggy skin on your legs and reducing leg size. It is not intended to be a weight loss solution, and you need to be close to your ideal weight. The extra skin on your legs is a sign that you’ve lost skin elasticity due to aging or changes in your weight. There is no way to tighten thigh skin with diet and exercise.

Types Of Thigh Lift Procedures

Thighplasty targets your inner or outer thighs, and there are four techniques.

  • Medial Thigh Lift: A medial thigh lift, also known as an inner thigh lift, is the most common type of thigh lift surgery. Surgery on your inner thighs helps with sagging skin. Inner thigh lifts involve an incision that starts in your groin area and extends to the back of your knee.
  • Mini Thigh Lift: A mini thigh lift is a type of surgery for the inner thighs, but it is less extensive than the full inner thigh lifts surgery.
  • Bilateral Thigh Lift: A bilateral thigh lift targets the outer thigh area. As with an inner thigh lift, the incisions starts at your groin area, but it extends to your lower back and hip area.
  • Spiral Thigh Lift: A spiral thigh lift is recommended for people who have lost a large amount of weight and have loose skin in the thigh area. Small incisions are made under each buttock and around your entire thigh. The skin is pulled taut, and liposuction is used to remove small pockets of fat.

Procedures To Combine With A Thigh Lift

You can combine your thigh lift with other plastic surgery procedures as part of a body contouring surgical plan. Liposuction is a type of fat removal for your thighs that eliminates bulges of excess fat. Inner thigh fat removal makes a wider gap between your thighs (thigh gap). You can also remove fat from the outer part of your thighs.

Thigh lifts can be part of a Mommy Makeover and performed in conjunction with an arm lift and tummy tuck.

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Thigh Lift FAQ

What To Expect During Thigh Lift Surgery

Cosmetic leg contouring with thighplasty takes approximately two to three hours. Leg tuck surgery requires general anesthesia, and you should be able to go home the same day. Incisions are made based on the specific leg reduction surgery. Sagging skin on the inner thighs or outer thighs is pulled taut, and the extra skin is trimmed with a scalpel. Fat removal is often combined with excess fat removal on the legs, and this involves liposuction on the inner thighs and outer thighs. It may also involve hip fat removal.

After your aesthetic thigh lift, you spend a few hours in our recovery area. Complications are rare with cosmetic thighs surgery, yet we want to monitor you to watch for any issues. When you remove fat and loose skin on your legs via thighplasty, there is also a degree of discomfort, and we help you manage this before you return home.

Recovery From Thigh Lift Surgery

Your thighs are covered with a compression bandage to reduce swelling and hold the tissues in place. In total, thigh lift recovery takes up to six weeks. During this time, you need to avoid any strenuous activities. You’ll also need to monitor the incisions for signs of infections. Bandages may need to be changed daily, and you should check the thigh lift incisions when you replace the bandages.

You will have a scar on your thigh, and thigh lift scars are quite extensive. At first, the incision heals with a slightly pink or tan color, depending on your natural skin color. Thigh lift scars after one year are more closely matched to the surrounding skin, but there is still a bit of a difference. Thigh lift scars after two years are considered completely healed. You may notice dark skin on your inner thighs and groin area, and the skin will have a smoother texture than the surrounding skin.

Thigh Reduction Surgery Risks And Side Effects

There are some rare complications with thigh reduction surgery.

  • Reduced skin elasticity
  • Changes to skin color, other than the scar line
  • Buildup of fluid in the tissues
  • Infection
  • Deep vein insufficiency

Post Operational Instructions

After undergoing plastic surgery, following the postoperative instructions provided by your surgeon is crucial for optimal healing and recovery. These instructions may include caring for the surgical site, managing pain, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. It is important to keep the surgical area clean, take prescribed medications as directed, rest and avoid strenuous activities, and adhere to a balanced diet while staying hydrated.

Attending follow-up appointments will allow your surgeon to monitor your progress and provide further guidance, ensuring a successful outcome from your plastic surgery procedure.

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