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Breast augmentation In Newport Beach, Orange County, CA

Breast Augmentation is a procedure that uses implants to restore under-developed breasts, create fuller breasts, or to restore lost volume as a result of pregnancy or weight loss. The ideal breast size makes a woman feel more attractive and sexier, and that’s why many women decide to undergo Breast Augmentation surgery.

Some women seek Breast Augmentation to improve their bust proportion in hopes to create a more balanced look. Regardless of the reason, Harvard trained, double board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Juris Bunkis will develop an individualized treatment plan that will address your specific cosmetic concerns.

During your consultation, Dr, Bunkis will also be able to discuss the various shapes and sizes of implants. To schedule your private consultation, call Orange County Plastic Surgery in Newport Beach, CA.

Breast Augmentation Candidates

Patients who want Breast Augmentation surgery may be ideal candidates if they meet some of the following criteria:

  • They are unhappy with the current size and shape of their breasts
  • They have lost the firmness of your breast because of weight loss, pregnancy, or breast-feeding
  • One breast is larger than the other
  • The size of the breasts are not in proportion to the rest of the body
  • To restore the shape of the breasts after a mastectomy or lumpectomy

Breast augmentation procedure

Before you have breast enhancement surgery, you will have a complete physical examination. Overall good health is necessary for a successful result. When deciding which type of implant to use, keep in mind that age can be a determining factor. One of the distinct differences between saline and silicone breast implants is the age restriction. Patients must be 18 years or older in age in order to receive saline implants, and at least 21 for silicone.

Existing native breast tissue, breast shape, and skin elasticity are other factors to take into consideration. Measurements will be taken of the breasts, as well as the chest wall, including base width, to help determine the best implant type. This evaluation will help the surgeon develop the best breast enhancement plan.

Breast Augmentation Recovery And Results

This is one of two operations done at Orange County Plastic Surgery, the other being a tummy tuck, where we expect the patients to be sore. Knowing this in advance, allows us to put pain pump catheters into the implant pockets and arrange for a pain pump to infuse local anesthetic into the pocket for the first two or three days. After this period, the worst of the pain is over and the catheters are removed. This avoids the need for narcotic pain medication.

Each enhancement patient will the operating room in clean surgical dressings. There will be some bruising and swelling for about 1 – 2 weeks. It is recommended for patients to take it easy for those 2 weeks to heal and rebuild strength after surgery.

We encourage our patients not to wear a bra for the first month, as this allows the implant to move freely and lessens the chance of capsular contractures. Most patients can return to full physical activity within 3 weeks. Most women find that their breasts look and feel totally natural within 3 to 6 months.

Attain Balance With Implants

Breast augmentation surgery is all about balance. As one of the most common cosmetic procedures performed among plastic surgeons, this surgery will make the breasts symmetrical and proportionate to the patient’s body shape.

It is a surgery that produces stunning results for women who desire larger, shapelier breast, and our patients are generally thrilled with their enhancement. Please call our plastic surgery office and schedule your consultation with our team today.

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Post Operational Instructions

After undergoing plastic surgery, following the postoperative instructions provided by your surgeon is crucial for optimal healing and recovery. These instructions may include caring for the surgical site, managing pain, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. It is important to keep the surgical area clean, take prescribed medications as directed, rest and avoid strenuous activities, and adhere to a balanced diet while staying hydrated.

Attending follow-up appointments will allow your surgeon to monitor your progress and provide further guidance, ensuring a successful outcome from your plastic surgery procedure.

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