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Mother’s Day and Happy 98th Birthday!

Mother’s Day and Happy 98th Birthday!

By Dr. Juris Bunkis

Mother’s Day is here to remind all of us of the preciousness of our moms. I am truly blessed to be able to call my mother every single morning to catch up on the day’s events. Mother’s Day is a profound reminder of the boundless love, sacrifices, and strength embodied by our moms. It is a tribute to their unwavering support, nurturing guidance, and endless devotion. My mother is my hero, my inspiration, and my eternal source of love and gratitude.

This is indeed a doubly special week for my mom because in addition to Mother’s Day, we are also celebrating my mother’s 98th birthday! Can you imagine, she was born in newly independent Latvia on May 15, 1926 – before the discovery of penicillin, before Charles Lindberg’s historic, solo transatlantic flight!

My mother grew up on a farm, a rather simple rural life in Latvia, but her life was turned upside down by the Soviet invasion in 1940 and the Nazi invasion in 1941. When the Soviets were poised to return to Latvia in 1944, she started her life as a refugee, basically walking westward as the front advanced, and found herself in West Germany when the war ended. She met my dad, got married and I was born in a refugee camp in Lubeck, Germany. We emigrated to Canada in 1951 and my mom has been raising children, grandchildren and great grandchildren ever since.

It is heartwarming to see that mom is still thriving, staying connected with relatives in Latvia (a few times each week by Skype), and keeping her cooking and baking skills sharp. She is not only physically resilient but also mentally strong, which is such a gift. Her Mother’s Day and her birthday will be filled with love, joy, and cherished memories. Dr. Ekstrom and I are looking forward to celebrating with her in person at the end of this month.

Jadviga Bunkis with her granddaughters.

Spotlight on Plastic Surgery – Discovering Confidence: A Personal Journey through Labial Hypertrophy, Labiaplasty, and Fat Grafting for the Labia Majora

By Dr. Deborah Ekstrom

Let’s embark on a conversation that’s often held in hushed tones but holds increased potential for personal body image: labial hypertrophy and the rejuvenating procedures of labiaplasty and fat grafting.

Imagine dealing with labial hypertrophy, where the labia minora’s enlargement or asymmetry not only causes physical discomfort but also chips away at your self-assurance. Pinching in clothes, pain during sports activities, obstructed urine stream, and difficulties with physical intimacy are common complaints. Sometimes shriveled, wrinkly labia majora (atrophy) compound the problem of exposure due to loss of fullness. In a situation of atrophy, the labia majora no longer keep the labia minora tucked and protected.

Thankfully, there are solutions: labiaplasty, a procedure delicately crafted to reshape and resize the labia, restores comfort and confidence. Enhancement of the labia majora can help even more. But before you consider that possibility, let’s delve into the journey, starting with a heartfelt conversation with an experienced and compassionate plastic surgeon.

In this pivotal exchange, you open up about your concerns, aspirations, and visions for your intimate well-being. Your surgeon listens attentively, examining the area and discusses options to craft a solution that approximates your ideal self – one that’s personalized, dignified, and empowering. Likely, reshaping and the trimming edges of the labia minora as well as reducing the upper skin hood will be discussed. Most times the procedure can be accomplished as an “in-office” procedure using oral medicines to feel calm, and topical cream to make the tissues numb. Short and long acting numbing medicine is then injected and hardly felt. You can listen to music or even snooze through the procedure.

Fast forward to surgery day. While you are relaxed and resting, your surgeon delicately trims and reshapes your labia, ensuring both form and function are meticulously balanced. And while no surgery is without risks, placing your trust in a seasoned professional who can guide you through your procedure and post-op care is very helpful.
Still, our journey doesn’t need to end there. Let us explore fat grafting to the labia majora, an additional step that utilizes your body’s own resources to enhance symmetry and fullness, elevating your sense of femininity and self-assurance. Numbing of abdominal fatty tissues is accomplished and then a tiny cannula resembling the one used for liposuction is used to harvest small packets of fatty tissue. After processing, the fatty tissue is woven into the tissues of the labia majora to recreate pleasing contours. This enhances the aesthetics of the area and protects the labia minora from exposure, raises comfort and promotes body confidence. Bandages and a wrap are placed on the abdomen for comfort and support. Sometimes fat grafting to the labia majora is accomplished as a stand-alone procedure without labiaplasty.

Transitioning into recovery, patience becomes your greatest ally as you diligently follow your surgeon’s guidance. In addition to rest and cold packs, a squirt bottle for hygiene after the bathroom is in order. Yes, there may be discomfort and swelling, but with each passing day, you inch closer to a renewed sense of comfort and confidence. At 5 days, you can have more freedom to be up and about. Until then, resting in bed much of the time to relieve pain and keep swelling under control is advisable along with cold packs and light pain medication. Fat grafting of the labia majora, when needed, is a boost to the overall appearance of this intimate area and recovery is simultaneous with labiaplasty.

So, here’s to embracing the journey of self-discovery and empowerment. Labial hypertrophy and labia majora atrophy may present challenges, but with the guidance of compassionate professionals and the courage to embark on transformative procedures, you pave the way for a future defined by confidence, comfort, and dignity

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