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Luscious Lips

By Dr. Juris BunkisFebruary 5, 2024No Comments

Luscious Lips

By Drs. Juris Bunkis & Deborah Ekstrom

Valentine’s Day is almost upon us and our focus turns to lips. Lips undergo various changes with age, and what makes them appear luscious is often a combination of factors such as fullness, symmetry, and definition. Here are some aspects related to aging lips and ways to enhance them:

Moisture and Hydration: Lips tend to lose moisture as you age, leading to dryness and a less plump appearance. Regularly moisturizing your lips with lip balms or hydrating treatments can help maintain their softness.

Collagen and Elasticity: The natural aging process involves a reduction in collagen production, leading to a loss of elasticity. Collagen is a protein that provides structure and volume to the lips. Some people opt for cosmetic procedures like lip fillers, which use hyaluronic acid or other substances to restore volume and definition.

Sun Protection: Exposure to the sun’s harmful UV rays can contribute to premature aging of the lips (and skin cancers). Using lip balm with SPF can protect your lips from sun damage, helping to maintain their youthful appearance.

Exfoliation: Regular exfoliation can remove dead skin cells and promote blood circulation, contributing to healthier-looking lips. Gentle lip scrubs or DIY exfoliants can be used to achieve this (a number of home recipes for DIY lip exfoliants can be found with a Google search).

Healthy Lifestyle: Maintaining a healthy lifestyle, including a balanced diet and staying hydrated, can positively impact the overall appearance of your skin, including your lips. If you smoke, abuse the sun and are not well nourished, you cannot expect your lips to look good either.

Plastic surgeons and cosmetic professionals offer various procedures to enhance and improve the lips:

Lip Fillers: Injectable dermal fillers, often containing hyaluronic acid, can add volume and definition to the lips. This is a common procedure for achieving plump, luscious lips

Subtle increase in lip fullness in a 25-year-old female, before and after a lip filler (Restylane) injection by Dr. Deborah Ekstrom

Lip Lift: A lip lift is a surgical procedure that shortens the space between the upper lip and the nose, resulting in a fuller and more youthful appearance.

65 year old female before and ten days after a lip lift procedure by Dr. Bunkis

Fat Transfer: Some individuals opt for fat transfer procedures, where fat is harvested from one part of the body and injected into the lips to enhance volume. Some fat usually absorbs, but this procedure has the potential for a permanent improvement.

This female in her early 30’s desired fuller lips but did not wish to undergo repeated filler injections. She underwent microfat grafting to the lips by Dr. Juris Bunkis, FACS.

Lip Resurfacing: Patients with deep lines on their lips can be helped with a peel or laser treatment around the mouth to minimize the wrinkles.

Female in her mid 60’s before and after perioral (around the mouth) Phenol Peel to address facial wrinkles. Procedure performed by Dr. Juris Bunkis.

It is essential to consult with a qualified and experienced professional before considering any cosmetic procedure to discuss your goals, potential risks, and realistic outcomes based on your individual characteristics. Additionally, non-invasive approaches, such as makeup techniques, can also be used to enhance the appearance of your lips without undergoing surgery.

Spotlight on Plastic Surgery – Mommy (and Daddy) Makeovers

By Drs. Deborah Ekstrom and Juris Bunkis

A Mommy or Daddy Makeover is a comprehensive cosmetic surgery approach aimed at rejuvenating the breast/chest and abdominal areas, typically following significant life events like pregnancy, childbirth, or weight loss.

For both genders, this combination of procedures addresses the physical changes that often occur in these regions. These tend to be long procedures and whenever possible, we like to do them together to expedite the procedure and minimize costs to the patient.
For the female perspective, a Mommy Makeover typically involves breast enhancement procedures such as breast augmentation, breast lift, or a combination of both, to restore volume and a youthful shape. Abdominoplasty, commonly known as a tummy tuck, is often included to address stretched abdominal muscles and excess skin, providing a more contoured midsection. In some patients, the abdominal portion of the improvement is limited to liposuction.

In the case of males, especially after substantial weight loss, a Daddy Makeover may involve procedures like gynecomastia surgery to address excess breast tissue and chest contouring. Additionally, abdominal procedures like liposuction, a tummy tuck or body lift can help achieve a more sculpted and youthful physique.

The benefits of a Mommy or Daddy Makeover include a comprehensive transformation that simultaneously addresses multiple areas of concern, providing more harmonious and long-lasting results. The combined approach allows for a single recovery period, minimizing downtime compared to undergoing separate procedures. These makeovers can boost self-confidence, restore a more youthful appearance, and improve overall body proportions. However, it’s crucial for individuals to have realistic expectations and consult with a qualified plastic surgeon to tailor the procedures based on their unique needs and goals.

55 year old female shown here before and after a mastopexy or breast lift and an abdominoplasty or tummy tuck by Dr. Deborah Ekstrom

Male in his mid 40’s after significant weight loss, shown here before and after gynecomastia surgery and a body lift by Dr. Juris Bunkis

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